Scarlet Moon

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A single shard, invisible to the naked eye, cascading off the surface of the moon holds a mysterious power that is sought out by supernatural creatures. Legends state that whoever gathers the Moon Shards will be granted the power to rule both the human and supernatural world. Only the Seeker, a supernatural being that were known to be extinct, has the unique ability to see the shards during their descent. A young teenage boy by the name of Kenji Haruna comes across one of these fascinating jewels after witnessing the shard fall off the surface of the moon. He is confronted by multiple supernatural beings that seek to use his gift in order to obtain all the Moon Shards for themselves. With being hunted constantly by others he is left with no choice but to join forces with a wolf demi-human by the name of Asa who aims to gather all the shards for herself. Amidst their travels, the two encounter villainous foes, and virtuous allies as they journeyed to find the remaining shards and to learn more about Kenji's unique ability.

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