About Blue Monarch Photography

Meet Ada Bent

Welcome! My name is Ada Bent, and I am passionate about capturing the perfect moments through the lens of my camera. As a dedicated photographer, I believe that every picture tells a story and every special day deserves to be immortalized with beautiful photographs.

I strive to deliver stunning images that reflect the essence of your unique moments. Whether it’s a wedding, a family gathering, or a personal portrait session, I look forward to working with you and creating timeless memories that you will cherish forever.

Let me help you capture that perfect picture for your perfect day.

What is Blue Monarch Photography?

The butterfly represents my mother who has passed. She was a free-spirited individual, loving, and kind. She would always admire butterflies when she was alive. Whenever I see one fluttering by, I can’t help but think it’s her way of watching over me.

The blue jay represents my father who has also left this world. Like the blue jay, he was intelligent and confident, adaptable and fearless, faithful and loyal. Often times I wish both of them could see the woman I’ve become. I started this journey to honor their memory as they continue to watch me from above like a blue jay, and fill me with peace and tranquility like a Blue Monarch Butterfly.

Featured Works

Photo Shoots

We conduct personal Photo Shoots where we can meet at a Venue of your choice or the comfort of your home within Central Florida.


Need someone to capture those amazing moments of your big day? We've got your back!

Special Events

Having a baby shower, a gender reveal, or a birthday party? We got you covered!